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Literally, the term Neuropathology means- ‘neuro’- nerve, ‘patho’ – diseased condition and ‘logy’- study of.  i.e. it refers to the study of abnormal nerve conditions. Thus, Neuropathology includes diseases of the brain and its nervous tissues.

These diseases can be diagnosed and studied by taking a small sample of the brain tissue and examining them under the microscope.

Common Neuropathology diseases are as follows:

  • Brain Tumors
  • Brain Infections
  • Degenerative Diseases
  • Demyelinating Diseases
  • Hypoxia and Stroke
  • Nutritional Disorders
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Congenital Malformations
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

When a patient is seen to exhibit symptoms such as abnormal behavior, headache, problems with memory and recall, abnormal or unsteady gait, etc., a CT scan or MRI is taken.

If any abnormality is suspected in the imaging study, a biopsy might be required to confirm the diagnosis of a neuropathologic disease.

Treatment of the condition would then depend on the type and severity of condition.

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